Superwinch Talon

Superwinch Talon 12.5

Superwinch Talon 12.5 Models Talon 12.5 Wire: 1612200 Rated Line Pull 12,500 lbs (5,670 kgs) Motor Sealed 6 hp (4.48 kw) Series Wound Gearing 2-Stage Planetary and 2-Stage Spur Gear Ratio 148:1 Solenoid Vented, Sealed Submersible Solenoid with 3-Year Warranty Clutch Free-spooling Clutch/Pull and Turn Brake Automatic/100% Load Holding (outside of drum) Rope Wire Rope …

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Learn more about Superwinch

Learn more about Superwinch Fairlead choice A fairlead guides the cable onto the winch drum, providing a pivoting surface. Steel cable requires a roller fairlead in most cases (manufacturer dependent), which projects from the vehicle and features four overlapping rollers which can deal with winching in almost any direction. Synthetic cable requires a Hawse fairlead, …

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