Vision X lighting design, manufacture and deliver the ultimate lighting solution and pay attention to the quality, performance, and functionality of all lighting products.

­čĺíINGRESS PROTECTION: Products are sprayed from close distances with 80~100 BAR water pressure to verify the ingress protection rating, ensuring they are sealed properly.

­čĺíSUBMERSION & AGING: Once products are assembled every product is run through a submersion (water dunk test), then placed onto an aging rack and powered up for 30 minutes.

­čĺíTHERMAL IMPACT: Products are placed in a -40┬░C chamber for 30 minutes, and then placed in a 80┬░C chamber for an additional 30 minutes. Products are then left on for 72 hours

­čĺíLONG TERM DURABILITY: Products are then switched on and off 20,000 times repeatedly to ensure that they remain functional after all testing.

­čĺíCONSUMPTION & INPUT RANGE: All products are put on a digital power meter to test that it is consuming the correct amount of power, checking for any electrical faults.

Vision X in South Africa is distributed by Black Diamond Vehicle Components. For more information or Email

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