Superwinch is a USA based company who develop and manufacture winches for the past 40years. Superwinch compete with premium brand in terms of quality and aftersales service.

Superwinch History

Superwinch history The first Superwinch began as a project of Ford Motor Company.  The founder, Frank Tolsdorf seized the idea and envisioned a company dedicated to providing the best winches and the best service.  Superwinch was born. Frank, a marketer, and entrepreneur by trade jumped at the chance to take this project privately and built …

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Selecting a winch

Selecting a winch Only a select few winch brands design, engineer and manufacture all the components required to make their own winches. Clearly this aspect of the premium end of the market allows the quality level of the various parts to be precisely specified. For most users the first question to ask is, “how often …

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Learn more about Superwinch

Learn more about Superwinch Fairlead choice A fairlead guides the cable onto the winch drum, providing a pivoting surface. Steel cable requires a roller fairlead in most cases (manufacturer dependent), which projects from the vehicle and features four overlapping rollers which can deal with winching in almost any direction. Synthetic cable requires a Hawse fairlead, …

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Superwinch Talon 12.5

Superwinch Talon 12.5 Models Talon 12.5 Wire: 1612200 Rated Line Pull 12,500 lbs (5,670 kgs) Motor Sealed 6 hp (4.48 kw) Series Wound Gearing 2-Stage Planetary and 2-Stage Spur Gear Ratio 148:1 Solenoid Vented, Sealed Submersible Solenoid with 3-Year Warranty Clutch Free-spooling Clutch/Pull and Turn Brake Automatic/100% Load Holding (outside of drum) Rope Wire Rope …

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Tiger Shark 9500

Tiger Shark 9500 Models Tiger Shark 9,500 | Tiger Shark 9,500 SR (Synthetic) Part Number TS9500-12V / TS9500SR-12V (Synthetic) Rated Line Pull 9,500 lbs (4309 kg) Motor Sealed 5.2 HP Series Wound Gearing 3-Stage Planetary Gear Ratio 218:1 Solenoid Weather Sealed Solenoid and Circuit Breaker Protected Clutch Pull and Turn, Ergo Brake Mechanical, Automatic Load …

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