The Vision X ADV 6700 and ADV 8700 LED 4×4 lights distributed by BD Components is part of the all-new Adventure Series LED Light, a third generation in the Cannon series and is proving to be one of the most popular Vision X 4X4 LEDs launched.

Available in 8.7” (140 Watt, 14,980 Lumens) and 6.7” (80 Watt, 8,560 Lumens), each light includes the superior lighting distance from Iris Reflector technology with the wide-spread of Elliptical optics to shine a powerful combination/driving beam.

“This Adventure Series mixed-beam light is perfect for igniting the night through winding mountain trails or long open terrain with light shining beyond 800m usable light (ADV 8700). “In my opinion this is one of the best lights on the market. It’s a combo of a spot, driving light and halo,” says Leonard Chester, MD of BD Components, distributor of VisionX in South Africa.

“ADV 8700 and ADV 6700 are engineered to out-style and outperform in the roughest conditions. The smooth back-lit halo provides on-demand DRL illumination and doubles as a near-vehicle Camp light. The robust 4-bolt steel powder coated trunnion bracket allows 45 degrees of aiming adjustment, making it ideal for bumper or upper roof rack placement. The slim 4” aluminum housing permits for greater placement options where a shallow mounting depth is a key consideration,” explains Mr Chester.

Like the original LED Light Cannons and Gen2 LED Light Cannons, the ADV Adventure Series also accept the snap-on polycarbonate cover system to change beam color for various driving conditions in mere seconds to: Amber, Red, Blue or Clear protective. 

Adventure Series is also available in Two-Light Kits, with a dual wiring harness, relays and lighted rocker switch for easy installation. Every ADV is also backed by a 5 year Warranty.

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