The VisionX Cannon ADV series from BD Components consist of a SPOT Beam, DRIVING Beam and Halo. Combining the superior distance of Iris Reflector technology with the spread of Elliptical optics, the ADV Light Cannon series shines a powerful combo driving beam that is optimal for all terrains.

Available in two sizes; the 8.7” (model 8700) and the 6.7” (model 6700), the ADVs can reach over 1000m (model 8700). Coupled with a smooth back-lit halo and a robust 4-bolt steel trunnion bracket, the ADV Light Cannon Series is engineered to outshine and outlast the competition.

Key Features:

• Superior Combo (Distance and Spread) Driving Beam, Spot Beam & Halo.

• Backlit Daytime Running Halo

• Beam/Color Changing Cover Options

• Available as 2 Light Kit With Wiring Harness

  • Standard 5 year warranty
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