The VisionX 4×4 Xtreme Night Drive will take place on Saturday 7th September 2019 at Rust de Winter in Limpopo. With over 400km of trails to choose from, participants are in for a night to remember.

Due to the degree of difficulty, the number of participants will be limited, and all types of vehicles, from standard to well-modified road-legal vehicles are welcome. VisionX will be sponsoring a prize, a 6.7” Cannon set of LED lights valued at R16 700.

The event will start with a briefing by the capable and experienced hands of Peter Claassens and Fritz Gregor from the 4X4ATV club. “The aim of the 4×4 Night Challenge is to test participants on various degrees of challenging obstacles, right throughout the night from 6pm to 6am, making this not just a night challenge but also an endurance challenge,” explained Leonard Chester, MD of Black Diamond Vehicle Components, official distributors of VisionX in South Africa.

“The skills levels of participants will also be tested in an unknown environment and in darkness. What makes it more difficult is that obstacles can only be seen and negotiated, based on the quality of the vehicle lights.”

“Six waterfalls will need to be negotiated, a bridge and various obstacles in the early hours of the morning. Most obstacles can be negotiated with guidance from navigators, and accidents can happen quickly, so no chances should be taken,” he said.

At midnight there is a well deserve break with a braai before continuing with the next obstacles. The comradery is high, and participants assist one another where possible.

“Last year we felt like true pioneers in the African bush as new trails were uncovered and old trails rediscovered.  On certain occasions the convoy had to look for the road and make sure we got to our next challenge. The road seems easier at night, maybe because you can’t see the rugged terrain in the pitch-darkness,” explained Mr Chester.

“Last year with exhausted eyes and bodies, everyone welcomed the sunrise as it meant we survived the challenge and lived to see another beautiful African sunrise. Back at the base camp, we were welcomed with a Champaign breakfast by the organising members of the 4X4ATV club. The VisionX 4×4 Night Challenge certainly is a bucket list event that should not be missed. 2019 promises to be even bigger and better.”

VisionX in South Africa is distributed by Black Diamond Vehicle Components. For more information on VisionX or to become a distributor, Or contact Leonard Chester at

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